Make Your Next Vacation A Lake Vacation

It’s pretty safe to say that when most people think of resorts, they think of the resorts that line the sandy ocean beaches in tropical places in the southern hemisphere, particular the ones in the Caribbean islands. After all, these are the ones we see advertised most when we go to our local travel agent’s office, and they are often featured in movies and on television commercials that have anything to do with vacations. For some reasons, vacation is associated with tropical locales and sandy beaches along the ocean coasts. This is strange considering the fact that lake locations make excellent vacation destinations and there are many lakes around the world that host visitors in a variety of accommodations. The lake resort is a type of accommodation that is popping up around lakes everywhere, and these resorts are starting to get more attention as people are looking for different types of options when it comes to their vacations.

Oceanside versus Lakeside

While the ocean has always been a vacation go-to for many people, we should really stop overlooking the value of a relaxing lake vacation. Many lakes also have sandy beaches and sunny skies and warm temperatures. The only big difference is the ocean has salt water while lakes are freshwater. Many lakes around the world are already top tourist destinations, but the ones who have decided to put up a lake resort or two are the ones drawing the most people these days. Lake areas are very relaxing. They are typically situated in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities and are teeming with wildlife including a variety of bird and fish species. While oceanside resorts tend to be large, loud and crowded, lake resorts are usually smaller, more rugged and cater to people who are more in tune with nature and involved in outdoor activities. Speaking of outdoor activities, there are many to take part in at the lake! Kayaking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing are just some of the things one can do in a lake area. Depending on the size of the lake and the regulations that may or may not be in place, you may even be able to go jet-skiing or parasailing. The remoteness also allows for hiking adventures. If you are staying in a lake resort in winter, you may even be able to skate on the lake!

So What is a Typical Lake Resort Like?

A typical lake resort is situated along a lake and offers a variety of rooms and amenities to guests. Many are open all year round, but most are seasonal depending on the region of the world. There are different types of resorts. Some cater to families, some cater more to couples, others might cater more to seniors, and some are adults only. Scenery and nature are usually the focal points of these types of resorts so most rooms will have a scenic view which may consist of the lake, nearby mountains, meadows or valleys or a forest. The outdoor spaces, such as patios, balconies, and porches usually face scenic views too. Some resorts are all-inclusive which means your room, meals, amenities, transfers and some activities are all included in the overall price.

What type of Amenities are Offered at these Resorts?

The amenities at a typical lake resort are usually not that different from any resort. Basic amenities include a front desk, a restaurant and lounge area. Other amenities, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, cafe, night club, live entertainment and games room, may also be included. Basic room amenities will likely include a television, clock radio, dressers, coffee and tea amenities, private bathroom and toiletries. Some resorts may offer premium rooms with the best views.

How do I find and Book a Room at one of these Resorts

It’s easy to find a room at a lake resort; you just search the same way you would any resort! Most websites list these resorts along with the traditional ones that have always been there. Conduct a search online using the words lake and resort and sort through the results. Decide what location you would like to travel to, what amenities are important to you and what time of year you would like to go and search for the resort that meets all your criteria. It’s a good idea to look at a few different ones and read the reviews left by other visitors. You can book your stay right there on the resort website, through a third party booking site or over the phone.

What will a Room in one of these Resorts Cost me

The price of a room at a lake resort will depend on a lot of things such as location, the size of the resort, how many stars the resort is, what amenities are on-site and how close it is to the actual lake. You can easily find budget accommodation at any lake area, but if you are looking to spend a weekend indulging in everything luxurious, you can find that as well. So make your next vacation one at the lake, and it is sure to be one that you won’t soon forget.

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