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A list of the Best Resorts in Bohol!

Thinking about taking a Philippines vacation?
Vacationing in Bohol should be a first choice! The island of Bohol is an unexplored, unspoiled Paradise. The island of Panglao is the most popular place in Bohol for Sun, Fun, Scuba Diving, Island Hopping and many other activities. Travel to Panglao Island, and you will find a wide range of Resorts and Hotels to choose from.
Bohol gives a new meaning to the word “Island Vacation Getaway” by providing you with breathtaking scenery and a wealth of tour opportunities that will surely have you amazed and entertained throughout your holiday here in Bohol.

Find All the best Bohol Resorts. Find the best resorts in Bohol. We Feature Panglao Bohol Resorts, Alona Beach Bohol Resorts, and other resorts in other areas of Bohol Philippines.

Below are the Resorts and Hotels We Recommend while you stay in Bohol.

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Vanilla Sky Resort Panglao IslandNEW RESORT!
Welcome to Vanilla Sky Resort Panglao Island, Bohol!
Vanilla Sky Resort is a unique, secluded resort that features modern plush accommodations, international cuisine restaurant, pool and even a badminton court!!

Cliff View Beach Resort Bohol
Discover the beauty of nature at its best in one of Bohol’s most promising rendezvous!
Chiisai Natsu, Little Summer Resort in Panglao Bohol!
Total relaxation and true comfort is a norm throughout your entire island getaway!

Linaw Beach Resort Panglao
Relax and Enjoy your stay at a Five Star Beach Hotel in the island of Panglao, Bohol!
Offering you the best resort room rates and special accommodations!
Book your Linaw Beachfront Resort and get one of the elegant resort rooms in Panglao!

Lost Horizon Beach Resort
Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea with the longest beachfront on the entire Alona beach!
Giving you all the luxury that one can expect from Panglao islands’s first class rated beachfront resort!
Perfectly situated in the middle of a sprawling White Beach in the Island of Panglao, Bohol!

Chiisai Natsu Resort Panglao Island
Discover the beauty of nature at its best in one of Bohol’s most promising rendezvous!
Chiisai Natsu, Little Summer Resort in Panglao Bohol!
Total relaxation and true comfort is a norm throughout your entire island getaway!

Alumbung Tropical Resort Panglao
A wonderful and comfortable place to stay in Panglao Island!
Come and stay in one of our four secluded and comfortable Lumbungs (traditional native Balinese rice barns with a Filipino touch)!

Coco Grove Tourist Inn — Panglao Bohol

Travel and tours made easy to Bohol with Coco Grove Tourist Inn!
The perfect place for honeymooners, family vacations and scuba divers or adventure seekers, to relax and unwind after a long day in Bohol.!

Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast Hotel
LUXURY ON A BUDGET — Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Bohol!
A Polynesian themed hotel that offers first class accommodations for a very reasonable prices!
Book now and take an affordable tour of Bohol with Dao Diamond Hotel, Philippines!

Lost Horizon Dive Resort Annex
Panglao Island Bohol Scuba Diving!
Enjoy an adventurous scuba diving destination to a wonderful dive sites in Panglao Isalnad and stay at Lost Horizon’s Newly Opened ANNEX!

Ladaga Inn Budget Hotel Restaurant
The Best Budget Hotel in Bohol!
A great place to stay in Bohol for your Adventure tours, Bohol tours, and famous destinations escape!

Amarela Resort Panglao
Planning for a romantic vacation in Panglao island, Bohol?
Amarela Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol offers a family and romantic vacation feeling the serenity and comfort of island life!

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Nature Tours Bohol – Nature Philippine Bohol Tours Services
Unique Nature Tours Bohol!
Experience The most Unique Bohol tours and local activities With Philippine Nature Tours! Contact us to arrange an airport / seaport pickup!
Book Tours in Bohol with Nature Philippine Bohol Tours Services

Bohol is famous for the warm and friendly Boholano hospitality that’s second to none in the Philippines. This is what makes this little island so popular in tourism. Nowhere else in the Philippines will you find more friendly and accommodating people with such a rich diverse culture…

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See the 1565 blood compact between Boholano chieftain Rajah Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Leganzpi. Bohol provides a history that goes back for hundreds of years and fascinating for the average explorer looking for adventure. Bohol has excavations of ancient burial grounds revealing ancient artifacts dating back to China’s Tang dynasty.
The province of Bohol had strong trading ties with the Chinese long before the Spaniards set foot in the country. Every year, the compact between the Muslim chief and the Spanish conqueror is celebrated through the Sandugo Festival in July. The churches attest to the province’s rich heritage and culture.


The Chocolate Hills is one of the most famous natural attractions in Bohol. Bohol is also home to the world’s smallest primate, the Tarsier.
As you can see the Tarsier, its the size of a your fist, and lives on the hills of Corella, ten kilometers from Tagbilaran.